Gallery of old photos from Southern Ostrobothnia 

This is a gallery of old photos from the region of Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland (the southern part of the old province of Vaasa / Wasa ). You can browse and comment the photos by clicking the town you are interested in and filling the form for comments. Some of the photos need to be identified, so if you think you might seen the person, building or scenery before, write your comments.

List of towns and parishes:Jaakko Ilkka monumnent, Ilmajoki, Finland

Unfortunately the comment form is in Finnish, but here are some translations:

Jätä kommentti = leave your comment
Nimesi = your name
Kommenttisi = your comment
Kirjoita kenttään oikella olevat merkit = add the letters or numbers you see on the right side
Kommenttiani ei saa julkaista kaikille = I don't want my comment to be published
Lähetä = send